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Tummy Tuck Northern Virginia

 Tummy Tuck Northern Virginia

Every body is different and many changes to the abdomen and the surrounding area after a) significant weight loss, b) pregnancy or c) both are going to be different from person to person. What this means is that when patients come in for a tummy tuck procedure with plastic surgeon Dr. Barlow, the specifics of the procedure or going to vary depending on the degree of loose or sagging skin, the amount of strength in the abdominal walls, and the extent and location of resistant fat, and other factors. When you have a private consultation to discuss a tummy tuck surgery in Tummy Tuck Washington, D.C. – or abdominoplasty, as it’s formally known – Dr. Barlow will begin by helping you lay out your goals for the procedure, such as:
  • Removing stretch marks and loose, excess skin that are side effects after pregnancy and/or significant weight loss
  • Flattening the abdomen by using sutures to tighten the abdominal walls
  • Using liposuction to remove pockets of resistant fat
In addition to careful planning, achieving ideal results in abdominoplasty requires meticulous surgical technique, and Dr. Barlow has decades of experience performing plastic surgery at the highest level. But a successful tummy tuck also requires realistic expectations on the part of the patient, particularly since you will be left with a scar. Therefore, the key to Dr. Barlow’s successful track record performing abdominoplasty goes beyond addressing the patient’s goals, and includes creating a surgical plan that will allow the scars to be in hidden locations. Most often, the length of a tummy tuck procedure in Washington, D.C. ranges from 2-4 hours.

Are You a Candidate For a Mommy Makeover?

For female patients, Dr. Barlow frequently performs the tummy tuck in conjunction with liposuction and a breast lift or breast augmentation. In total, these procedures comprise the mommy makeover surgery.

Taking the first step toward a rejuvenated you

If you’re ready to find out what a tummy tuck Washington D.C can achieve for you, we encourage you to get in touch. Click here to contact us, and we’ll get back to you promptly to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you can reach our office by phone in Annapolis at (410)224-2395 or Tysons Corner at (703) 448-3800.

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"The best thing about the surgery for me was how comforting Dr. Barlow was. Getting any surgery is always nerve wracking, but anytime Dr. Barlow came in the room and would begin talking ”all of my fears would go away."

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