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Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects overly protruding ears. Many individuals have ears that appear to stick out unusually far, which can incite ridicule from others and lead to self-consciousness, embarrassment, and negative self-image. Plastic surgeon Haven Barlow, M.D. conducts ear pinning to restore the balance between the ears and the face for a more natural and pleasing aesthetic appearance.


Individuals of any age may be candidates for ear pinning. As children are susceptible to lasting psychological and emotional trauma as a result of bullying and teasing, most otoplasty patients are between ages five and eighteen. Candidates should have fully grown ear cartilage, realistic expectations, and no major health complications.

Ear Pinning Procedure

Before the procedure, you will have a personal consultation with Dr. Barlow, in which the two of you discuss and evaluate your ears, features and goals to determine the best way to improve the appearance of your ears with otoplasty. On the day of your procedure, you will be able to discuss any final questions with Dr. Barlow before you are given anesthesia so that he can perform the procedure. Depending on your age, you will be placed under general or local anesthesia. Dr. Barlow performs the surgery by making minor incisions within the natural ear folds so that the scars remain hidden afterward. He then removes small amounts of ear cartilage to reduce ear projection. After the surgery, your ears will be situated closer to your head for a more naturally pleasing overall appearance and balance.

Recovery and Results

Upon completion of the procedure, Dr. Barlow will apply bandages to hold the ears in their new position as they heal. You will be required to leave the bandages there for a week to 10 days to allow your ears to heal properly. Most patients are able to return to normal activities within a few days. Results are noticeable in as little as one to two days after surgery. As the ears continue to heal, they will look even more balanced and natural. The results are permanent, and patient satisfaction after ear pinning surgery is quite high. Where protruding ears can lead to reduced self-esteem, ear pinning improves the appearance of the ears and leads to increased self-confidence and positive self-image. Ear pinning surgery can correct your overly protruding ears and restore balance to your features. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Barlow today to discuss your desires and needs for ear pinning. Contact our office by calling Annapolis at 410-224-2395 or Tyson’s Corner at 703-448-3800, or fill out our online contact form for more information. We look forward to assisting you with all of your aesthetic needs.

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"The best thing about the surgery for me was how comforting Dr. Barlow was. Getting any surgery is always nerve wracking, but anytime Dr. Barlow came in the room and would begin talking ”all of my fears would go away."

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