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A loss of facial volume may be preventing you from having the beautiful facial definition you desire. Sculpted, angular features can help enhance your natural beauty and restore balance to your facial appearance. While injectable fillers are non-surgical, they can’t provide the lasting correction you may desire. Facial implants can restore dynamic contours, help correct facial irregularities, and provide long-lasting results.


Ideal candidates for facial implants are in overall good health and have realistic expectations about their results. People seeking facial implants are wanting to permanently enhance their facial definition. Using facial implants may be right for you if you identify with one or more of the following:
  • Asymmetry of the chin, cheeks, lips, or jaw
  • A small or receding chin
  • Hollow or sunken cheeks
  • Disproportionately sized chin or cheeks
  • Poorly defined facial contours

Facial Implants Procedure

Dr. Barlow uses solid silicone implants to add volume and create facial definition. Cheek implants, chin implants, or both may be utilized, depending on the type of correction needed. General anesthesia is administered to provide a safe and pain-free procedure. Dr. Barlow makes a small incision at the site of correction and creates a pocket of facial tissue to hold the implant. Dr. Barlow then gently inserts the implant into the constructed pocket and positions it to contour to your natural facial structure before closing the incisions with sutures.

Incision Locations

  • Underneath the chin
  • Inside the mouth along the lower gumline
  • Inside the cheek
  • In the lower eyelid


You will experience some bruising and swelling along with mild discomfort for several days following your procedure. You should rest with your head elevated for one week to minimize swelling. You may be required to restrict your diet to liquids only for one to two days. Most patients can return to work and their normal activities after one week, but you will need to restrict strenuous physical activity for one to two weeks. After four to six weeks, you can resume your normal exercise routine. At that time, most major swelling should have subsided, and your final results should become visible.


Facial implants provide long-lasting facial definition and enhancement. Many patients also choose to undergo non-surgical facial treatments such as facial fillers and laser skin resurfacing for more complete facial rejuvenation. If you are looking to sculpt and define your facial appearance, schedule your consultation with Dr. Haven Barlow today. Dr. Barlow serves the Washington D.C. area and is committed to providing his patients with outstanding care and quality results. Contact our office by calling Annapolis at 410-224-2395 or Tyson’s Corner at 703-448-3800, or you can fill out our online contact form for more information.

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"The best thing about the surgery for me was how comforting Dr. Barlow was. Getting any surgery is always nerve wracking, but anytime Dr. Barlow came in the room and would begin talking ”all of my fears would go away."

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