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Men who desire a strong, masculine appearance may find that the contours of their chest prevent them from achieving this aesthetic look. For many men, exercise and strength training don’t yield the size or portioned pectoral appearance they envision. The process of attempting to gain your ideal body can be frustrating and may take years, with little success. Pectoral implants are a permanent and efficient way for sculpting the appearance of your chest, which may be lacking the masculine definition you desire.


Men considering pectoral implants should be in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Patients seeking pectoral implants may suffer from a congenital defect, such as spina bifida, pectus carinatum, and pectus excavatum, that prevents them from achieving the aesthetic they desire. Patients that desire pectoral implants feel that their chest and pectoral appearance lacks attractive, strong, and masculine definition.


Pectoral implants are placed while the patient is under general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety. Small incisions are created in the armpits, which allows for easier concealment. A pocket is constructed in the fascia of the upper pectoral muscle. The implant is then placed into the pocket and positioned to provide the most natural aesthetic possible. Your incisions are closed and compression garments, along with dressings are placed.


Silicone implants are used during pectoral surgery. A wide variety of implant shapes and sizes are available, which allows Dr. Barlow to customize your procedure to best highlight your body’s appearance. Choosing the best implant for you will play an important role in creating a natural, attractive pectoral appearance.


You will experience bruising and swelling following your surgery, which may cause minor discomfort. Any postoperative pain can be controlled using oral medication. Tightness in your chest is normal as your body adjusts to the new implants. You will need to rest the week following your procedure, after which most patients return to work. You must limit your strenuous physical activities, especially heavy lifting, for several weeks after your surgery. After six to eight weeks, most major swelling will subside and your final results will become visible.


Since all incisions are placed in the armpit, there is minor, if any, visible scarring. Any scarring that does develop is likely to fade over time. Pectoral implants are designed to provide long-lasting correction to the appearance of your chest. If you wish to achieve a more masculine chest appearance through pectoral implants, schedule your consultation with Dr. Haven Barlow today. Dr. Barlow is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience in pectoral implant placement. Contact our office in Annapolis at 410-224-2395 or Tyson’s Corner at 703-448-3800 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.

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"The best thing about the surgery for me was how comforting Dr. Barlow was. Getting any surgery is always nerve wracking, but anytime Dr. Barlow came in the room and would begin talking ”all of my fears would go away."

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