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At Chesapeake Plastic Surgery, we treat our patients are treated using the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet laser system to safely and permanently remove unwanted body hair.

Who it’s For

Our laser hair removal system removes hair on both men and women. Approved by the FDA for use on all skin types and every area of the body, the LightSheer Duet has two handpieces — one for treating small areas and one for large areas like the legs or back. Additionally, there’s vacuum-assist technology that pulls the roots closer to the surface of the skin, making the procedure more effective and it’s experience less painful. But the benefits of the technology don’t stop there. We use the LightSheer laser hair removal system to:
  • Permanently remove unwanted leg hair
  • Remove unwanted back hair
  • Remove ingrown hairs in the beard
  • Remove ingrown hairs in the bikini area
  • Remove dark hairs from anywhere on the body (because the system targets pigment, dark hairs respond better to the treatment)

How it works

Laser hair removal targets the pigment inside the hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin. Lumenis, the maker of the LightSheer DUET, already produced the gold standard in the industry: the original LightSheer laser system. With its dramatically larger spot size (in other words, the size of the area of skin the laser is focused on at any one time) and vacuum-assist technology, the LightSheer DUET system lets us treat you effectively and efficiently, all while keeping you comfortable, without any need for local anesthetic.

Are you ready to take the next step?

When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Barlow and our experienced laser team will talk with you and ask you questions in order to determine the best possible treatment plan. It’s important to be aware that you’ll need more than one treatment to affect the growth of unwanted hair — this for the simple fact that not all of your hair is actively growing at any one time. This being the case, we frequently recommend coming in for follow-up treatments separated by 4-6 weeks. To get in touch with our office and schedule your laser hair removal consultation, click here. We’ll reply to you promptly. Alternatively, you can call us directly in Annapolis at 410-224-2395 or Tyson’s Corner at 703-448-3800.

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"The best thing about the surgery for me was how comforting Dr. Barlow was. Getting any surgery is always nerve wracking, but anytime Dr. Barlow came in the room and would begin talking ”all of my fears would go away."

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